November 20, 2022

Dzejnieks means ‘poet’ in Latvian.

My girlfriend is from Riga so I’ve been trying to learn some Latvian on and off for some time now.

We spent part of the Summer this year exploring Latgale, the Eastern region of Latvia that borders Russia and Belarus.

One of the towns we visited is called Aglona and is home to a Roman Catholic basilica, the Basilica of the Assumption. It has a huge outside area where hundreds of people would gather in August for the annual pilgrimage.

When we went it was empty.
I wrote a poem while we were there.

Aglona Dzejolis

Liela baznīca
Liela zāle
Daudz darbs
Ļoti aizņemts priesteris

I like the idea of writing in other languages more but I’ve not given it much thought and my language level is probably a little too low to write anything serious.


Photo is the basilica and all the grass.

zāle = grass
Google Translate will say ‘hall’.