Goals for Nov 2022

November 14, 2022

I realised today that I don’t have any goals. I’m working on various projects but I don’t have any concrete criteria for success and no timelines. Everything is vague and exists only in my head.

There is no way for me to succeed and no way for me to fail. That’s not good.

So I’ve decided to write down some goals that I want to complete by 1st Dec 2022. I did this quickly in about 10mins because I didn’t want to spend too much time on it.

I’ve tidied up the spelling and captitalized some words but it’s more or less how I originally wrote it for myself. The main dot point is the goal, the secondary dot point beneath is current progress.


  • Run once every 2 days
    • On track for the moment
  • Lift once every 2 days
    • Not on track (no gym sessions yet)

Productivity app

  • Launch my productivity app on digital ocean + custom domain
    • Not yet launched
  • Include a pricing page with a “paid - coming soon” section
    • Not built
  • Use the app myself
    • Again, not built yet


  • Write 10 posts this month
    • 6/10 (including this one)


  • Have at least 3 private lessons
    • First lesson with tutor booked for the 15th Nov
  • Do memrise at least once every 2 days
    • On track for the moment


  • Write a book
    • Have started, 3 chapters in draft
  • Get a guy from fiverr to do formatting + cover picture
    • Not done
  • Publish it on Amazon
    • Not done

Edit (Mar 2023)

So as a follow up to these goals, I did keep running and I did go to the gym more often. I didn’t do it everyday but I made decent progress on this point so I’m happy there.

The productivity app is dead in the water in the sense that I haven’t really done much on it. I could try and dive into that and diagnose what exactly happened but basically I just didn’t do it.

I didn’t write the 10 blog posts that I specified within the timeframe but I have 10 posts now.

For Portuguese I did do all of my private lessons. I really enjoyed them and have continued to have lessons with my tutor Manuel. However I didn’t do much more memrise and I’m coming to a point where I really need to do more self study to make more progress in my language ability.

The book is also dead. It’s basically where it was when I wrote this post with the addition of a few hundred words. I think I realised I wasn’t excited about the book and if I wasn’t excited then I thought perhaps no one else would be.

Well there you go, a bit of a depressing update but I’m feeling optimistic about the next thing.

View from Besseggen

Photo is the view from Besseggen Ridge, Norway. I tried to run to the top but didn’t have time for the whole thing. If you enhance the image like they do on CSI, you can see my car parked down next to the water.